Box Prices & Moving Supplies

Size Description Suggested Uses Our Price

Typical Small box: 18x12x12 Approx. 1.5 cubic feet

SMALL boxes should be used for small, heavy items such as books, records, canned goods, small appliances, and tools.


Typical Medium box 18x18x16 Approx. 3 cubic feet

MEDIUM boxes can hold pots and pans, other kitchen utensils, toys, and other items of medium size and weight.


Typical Large box 18x18x24 Approx. 4.5 cubic feet

LARGE boxes are best used for bedding, clothing, and other light weight items.


FYI: Reusable plastic boxes (i.e., Zippgo, BruteBox, 1 week rental) are more than twice as expensive, per cubic foot, as ours!

Minimum order is always $70, not including tax and delivery. 

Please take into account that most people underestimate the number of boxes they need.

Recommended Box Bundles

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Studio-1 Bedroom
Contains 50 Boxes:
20 Small - 20 Medium
10 Large
Only $90
(you save $15)
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1 - 2 Bedroom
Contains 70 Boxes:
25 Small - 30 Medium
15 Large
Only $120
(you save $20)
click image to see all examples
2 - 3 Bedroom
Contains 90 Boxes:
30 Small - 40 Medium
20 Large
Only $170
(you save $25)

Essential Moving Supplies

Packing Paper<br/>(clean newsprint)
Packing Paper
(clean newsprint)
Wrap and cushion your items without the mess of newspaper.
10 lbs: $10
30 lbs: $25
Bubble Wrap - 150 feet
Bubble Wrap - 150 feet
Protects glassware, electronics and fragile china.
1ft x 125ft: $20
2ft x 150ft: $30
Foam Roll - 150 feet
Foam Roll - 150 feet
Great for TV/computer screens, plates, glassware and other delicate surfaces.
1ft x 150ft: $25
2ft x 150ft: $35
Carton Sealing Tape<br/>Clear, 2
Carton Sealing Tape
Clear, 2" x 110 yds
Low price on top grade 2 ml. thick movers tape.
2 for $6
Packing Tape Dispenser
Packing Tape Dispenser
Less hassle than trying to cut tape with your teeth!
Marker, Cutter, Labels
Marker, Cutter, Labels
One black Sharpie Chisel-Tip marker, one metal box cutter, and 20 stick-on "Fragile" labels.
Foam Pouches<br/>Pack of 10
Foam Pouches
Pack of 10
Cushions dishes, glassware, and knick-knacks.
Dish Pack Box<br/>18
Dish Pack Box
18" x 18" x 27"
Double thick protection for plates, glasses, vases, statues and other breakables.
Dish Pack Cell Kit
Dish Pack Cell Kit
Sections off wrapped dishes to prevent chipping and breaking.
Wardrobe Box with Bar 20
Wardrobe Box with Bar 20" x 20" x 45"
Keeps clothes wrinkle-free. Check with your mover first to see if they'll furnish a loaner.
Flat Screen TV Box
Flat Screen TV Box
For Plasma/LCD TV's up to 75" Comes w/ foam cover for screen protection. Measure TV horizontally.
48” $30     56” $32
65” $40     75” $45
Lamp/Plant Box<br/>12
Lamp/Plant Box
12" x 12" x 39"
Also useful for baseball bats, table legs, golf clubs, and other tall items.
Medium Mirror/Picture Box<br/>37 5/16
Medium Mirror/Picture Box
37 5/16" x 4 5/16" x 26 7/8"
For when you don't want to take chances with your artwork, glass shelves, etc.
Large Mirror/Picture Box<br/>48
Large Mirror/Picture Box
48" x 4 3/8" x 32 3/4"
Same as Regular Mirror Box - just larger!
4 Piece Mirror Carton
4 Piece Mirror Carton
Adjustable, accommodates up to 40" x 60". For larger pictures use more segments.
X-Large Box <span>(new or used)</span><br/>20
X-Large Box (new or used)
20" x 22" x 24"
Single or double-walled, approx. 6 cubic feet. For any oversized items.
Paper Pads - 4' x 5'
Paper Pads - 4' x 5'
Great for wrapping pictures, mirrors, and fragile furniture.
5 for $10
Moving Blankets<br/>72
Moving Blankets
72" x 80"
Deluxe denim quilted pads.
U-haul sells these for $15 each!
2 for $25
Stretch Wrap<br/>5
Stretch Wrap
5" x 1000'
Bundles furniture or just about anything! Built in handles.
Stretch Wrap<br/>20
Stretch Wrap
20" x 1000'
Suggestion: use stretch film to secure moving blankets.
Sofa Cover for<br/>couches up to 8'
Sofa Cover for
couches up to 8'
Also for big screen TV's & furniture. Tie with stretch wrap.
Chair Cover - 76
Chair Cover - 76" x 42"
Thick plastic guards against dirt, dust, & water damage.
2 for $5
Mattress / Box<br/>Spring Cover
Mattress / Box
Spring Cover
Keeps it clean during moving and storage.
Twin or Full $4
Queen or King $5


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