Bay Area Box Express is a North Bay-based service that delivers super low priced
moving supplies to most of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ok, it looks good. So how do I get my boxes?

Just give us a call and, depending on location, you can expect to receive your order within 24-72 hours (see Bay Area delivery map).

Regarding your recommended box bundles... are substitutions allowed? I'll need more small rather than large boxes.

No problem! Let us know what your individual needs are. (Happy customers are what we want:)

Will you sell less than the minimum required, even if I pick it up?

Sorry, but no.

Are these boxes really as good as new, store bought ones?

Yes, but cheaper and usually stronger too.

Most boxes in our inventory will be BRAND NEW BOXES. We apply rigorous inspection standards and damaged cartons are separated out. The question we ask ourselves when sorting and screening: “Is this a box I would put my own valuables in?”.

What do I do with my boxes after I have moved?

For various reasons (logistical, economic, and quality control issues), we rarely do post move-in box pickups any longer. Our best advice is this: resell them on Craigslist or donate them. Post an ad that says “Free moving supplies” and watch how fast they’ll disappear! And naturally, you can always recycle them.

What's your return policy? Can I bring back any unused merchandise?

Sorry but no. We operate within very small margins – we are not a big box store. So we simply cannot accept any returns. Please try to estimate as well as you can.