Box Prices & Moving Supplies

Size Description Suggested Uses Our Price

Typical Small box: 18x12x12 Approx. 1.5 cubic feet

SMALL boxes should be used for small, heavy items such as books, records, canned goods, small appliances, and tools.


Typical Medium box 18x18x16 Approx. 3 cubic feet

MEDIUM boxes can hold pots and pans, other kitchen utensils, toys, and other items of medium size and weight.


Typical Large box 18x18x24 Approx. 4.5 cubic feet

LARGE boxes are best used for bedding, clothing, and other light weight items.


FYI: Reusable plastic boxes (i.e., Zippgo, BruteBox, 1 week rental) are more than twice as expensive, per cubic foot, as ours!

Minimum order is always $70, or $50 if picked up in person, not including tax and delivery.

Please take into account that most people underestimate the number of boxes they need.

Recommended Box Bundles