Thanks for the prompt delivery, good strong boxes and friendly service.
Getting good quality boxes at good prices delivered to my door... how convenient and necessary when I was in the middle of moving! I'm spoiled now. I wouldn't do it any other way!
Made my moving experience so much easier. Hooray for Bay Area Box Express!
Thanks for your help, the boxes were perfect!
My experience with Bay Area Box Express was great. I got honest and helpful advice and service.
Right on target with delivery and customer service. Way to go!
Bay Area Box Express was a big help to us, and the boxes were terrific.
Dependable and efficient service. Good prices and pleasant too.
Definitely recommended for anyone needing moving boxes. Good boxes, delivery was quick, and the prices were well below what I would have had to pay elsewhere...Boxman walks on water!
Everything was better then advertised. Using Bay Area Box Express made our move so much easier. Absolutely recommended.
Terrific service; I got my boxes the very next morning after I called.
We are repeat customers and each time you have saved my family tons of money. Thanks a million Bay Area Boxman!
My move went smoother thanks in no small part to your great service.
My new bride and I were quite pleased with Bay Area Box Express. Everything we needed for our packing was conveniently provided at competitive prices, and delivered to our door!
The boxes were perfect. And your help was very important to the success of my project.
Excellent value and service. Definitely recommended.
The service and quality of the goods delivered was great! Prices were fair and the boxes were in excellent condition. Couldn't ask for more.
Bay Area Box Express was a godsend. Saved me time, and the price was right.

More Kudos

The boxes were excellent!! Buying them elsewhere could have cost me twice as much. Helpful, friendly, and delivered on time.
A lifesaver. Nice strong moving boxes at very reasonable prices. Highly recommended.
Very good quality boxes, and great service.
A great help. Why didn't somebody think of this sooner?
...we ran out of boxes and purchased some new ones that were not nearly as strong as yours.
If someone’s about to move and seriously considers buying boxes any other way they may be in need of psychiatric help!!
Again, just terrific. Both times the boxes were in prime shape and the delivery coordination was simple.
We had an emergency need for strong boxes - Bay Area Box Express gave us the perfect size and made getting them ever so easy. Thank you for the great service!
I was so fortunate to find you! Thanks for the terrific service and quality boxes. You saved us lots of money and were a great help.
Recommended - two thumbs way up!
The boxes were brought on the spot! Made my recent move easy, and cheaper. The last time I moved I spent $200 on boxes alone…
Boxman was very accommodating in helping my mother with boxes for her move. What a great business idea!
Fair prices, great service. You offer boxes that are cheaper than elsewhere AND you deliver!
This company and concept are very unique and the service is awesome. Keep on keepin' on!
What a great deal. I'll never go to Uhaul for boxes again.
Everything was excellent and I have already recommended you to a friend and will continue to tell people about your great service. I couldn't be happier, well, unless I could get the boxes to pack themselves. Thanks again.
Thank you for such great service!
Your generous, yearly donation of boxes for Thanksgiving meals to the needy is greatly appreciated.
Just wanted to say thanks for helping me load all the boxes into my Prius today! Your service is great and I'll be sure to recommend your company to any of my friends who are moving.
Your service was great!
I got boxes that were extremely sturdy, better than stock moving boxes.
Honest and fair, everything was just as advertised.
Wow - great prices, prompt delivery, and courteous service. You saved us a lot of money, thanks.
The boxes were almost brand new. It was so nice dealing with you and we will recommend you to all our friends.
Thanks so much for the fantastic supplies, great service, and fabulous dog.:)
My experience with BABE was nothing less than spectacular. Throughout the process, I found the company knowledgeable, responsive, and proactive. Thanks for making my moving experience one of the easiest yet!
I've used your services twice and been pleased both times. You were great, the boxes terrific.
Many, many thanks! As always, it's a pleasure doing business with you.
We couldn't have done it (as inexpensively) without you.
Thanks for the good, low-priced moving supplies, for the speedy delivery, and for being such a valuable resource.
The boxes looked great. I'm so glad someone is doing this; I think it's a disgrace to let perfectly good cardboard be tossed. Thanks again for your special service.
Every time we've used Bay Area Box Express we've gotten very strong boxes, and at a good price.
We needed a donation of free boxes for our foundation to distribute toys to local children, and you came to the rescue - thanks!
My expectations were more than surpassed. I'd recommend this service to anyone I know that is planning a move.
Great boxes, great price, and very fast and courteous service and delivery. I highly recommend Bay Area Box Express.